A couple of small victories

It’s about a year and four months since Kipper came to stay.  He’s still sometimes hyper and hasn’t yet completely mastered walking on a leash at a normal pace but days go by when he doesn’t spin at alla nd when he does it’s usually for less than two minutes. This morning he only tried to nip the repair guys shirt a couple of times before settling down.  After agility he lay in the shade calmly while I talked to a friend who held one golden retriever and had two more in crates in the back of her open van. Kipper still has some issues with big dogs but after a slight start when we first saw them  he neither lunged nor barked.He doesn’t react at all to small dogs he’s met more than once.

He still makes some scarely sounding noises but now I notice the wagging tail and the twinkle in his eye. His reaction to cars has changed from crazy lunging and barking at everything that moves to a more casual slight circle to try and chase the car. Barking is limited to cars that are going way too fast down our residential street. I take that as a good thing.





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