a setback

Kipper has been doing pretty good with visitors lately even strangers. My strategy has been to have him first see them through the back door and then let him in to meet them rather than have him be all excited by the door bell. Yesterday with the energy audit guy (who was terrier person) Kipiper was great. A little jumping and then he settled right down. Unfortunately today he jumped up and, in trying to grab the service order the door repair guy was waving around, nicked his hand. I had been telling the repairman to please put the paper away but I guess he didn’t hear or understand me. Luckily he was ok with it, no skin broken but Kipper went into his crate til the door repair guy was gone. I couldn’t put him in the yard since we were working on the back door. I guess it’s always going to be one step forward and two steps back but I’ll have to keep a much closer eye on Kipper with non dog savvy strangers from now on. I’m committed to Kipper and the challenges he represents but I sure love my easy going cardis.



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