Another breakthrough

Every dog walker eventually meets all the other dog walkers who are on the same schedule. In our case there are about 15 dogs of various sizes we see fairly regularly. Quincy loves every dog he sees even the ones whose owners walk right by. Kipper is more selective and lately he is actually ignoring dogs he used to react to. He’s also getting better with new and bigger dogs. Just last week we met Max, the pit bull. Max is young and very friendly. When they first met Kipper and he sniffed noses and bounced.  At their second meeting Kipper made his “growly” sound that all dogs seem to recognize as a friendly sound even though it freaks out many owners. (it freaked me out for a while til I saw how every other dog reacted positively to it.)  I’m am slowly increasing my dog vocabulary.

We didn’t see Max for a few days. Today Max was on the other side of the street and Kipper looked interested so we crossed over to see him. Kipper walked right by Max without so much as a sniff.  He has done this before with small dogs he knows and he has also done it with Polly the kind yellow lab who was the first big dog he learned to greet nicely. This is the first time he’s done it with a dog he’s only seen a few times. He’s adjusting to new dogs much quicker than he did.  I think we may almost be ready to try the farmer’s market or the “dog days” street fair.



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