Pumpkin Ravioli – Ravioli con la Zucca Dentro e Fuori

My friend Midge is writing a wonderful blog about her three months in Italy. I’d like to “like” her blog but can’t figure out how so I’m reposting this entry which looks very tasty.

Nonna's Mulberry Tree

This is the beginning of the most exciting part of my living in Italy.  Learning how to cook not like an Italian American but like a Pontelandolfese.  Today, I am sitting next to the gorgeous, multi-lingual, brilliant Annarita Mancini and she is going to unearth the secret of the incredible ravioli con zucca. We decided that this is not a cook book blog but a “watch your nonna” and “listen to your nonna” blog.  Everything is a pinch of this and a handful of that. So just leap into the conversation and add your nonna’s touches too.  Sit back, think foodie thoughts and follow along.

For you lovers of language we will post the first recipe but not a recipe  in Italian ably written by Annarita and then in English poorly written by me.

Facilissimo preparare i ravioli!  Un uovo per 100 grammi di farina…io e mamma abbiamo dovuto usare…

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  1. I love the way the photos look on the re-blog. Very artsy! I hope the small dog lovers out there subscribe too. There are some fabulous dogs out and about here. Unfortunately, some do not belong to anyone. Fortunately, the generous Italian spirit means everyone feeds them.


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