Another trick I’ve learned

We just finished celebrating Mothers Day and I want to share my latest trick to help Kipper act like a more normal dog. It’s  12 inch dried cow tracheas! I keep them out of sight and smell but close enough so that when visitors arrive I can grab them and yell “who wants a trachea?” Both Kipper and Quincy love them (they may not know as many words as a border collie but they are regular Einsteins when it comes to food nouns.) Each grabs his and runs in opposite directions. With luck Kipper will go outside but even if he just trots off to another room we all enjoy dog free time for at least 30 minutes. My mother swears he was calmer the entire visit after eating his large treat.  They are way better than marrow bones since they aren’t as messy and neither dog is tempted to bury them for later.

I’ve been impressed with how other bloggers can upload photos so my next goal is to learn how to do that.  I uploaded a photo of Quincy and me to the about me section . My next goal will be to learn to post stuff from my iphone. I have a cute video of Quincy and Kipper playing in the back yard I’d like to share.



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