Another year, some more small victories

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I last posted. Kipper is still making progress, In fact, our St. Patrick’s day visitors (who don’t seem him often) actually commented on how much calmer he has gotten. We’re still working with a homeopathic vet and his last remedy did result in a predicted behavioral set back for a few weeks. It felt like two steps backward since Kipper was much more agitated and harder to calm down for a while but now he’s back at least to where he was and maybe even a little calmer. This morning I watched him gently lick Quincy’s ears for at least 10 minutes. Now they are both outside in the yard enjoying the spring like weather. He is definitely better meeting most dogs (certain red chow like dogs excepted) and now has a greyhound girlfriend he sees most mornings. He still tries to chase outside cats and squirrels and barks at folks riding bikes but overall it’s a less intense reaction. He has taken to barking at some folks who walk in the middle of the street at night. I don’t know what that sets off in him but we just gently move away and eventually he stops. I continue to be thankful he is a cute 20 pounds and not a large pit bull which would definitely be a public relations problem. I’m thinking of trying teacup agility with him, it would exercise his brain, the dogs are small which are usually not a problem and the course is shorter so I might be able to remember it. This year I hope he calms down enough to stop pulling on his leash quite so much. I sometimes think he’s part husky.He is learning that if he pulls I stop walking. Although sometimes it seems we have to stop every step there are days when he walks without pulling for at least a minute so I know we will get there. He got a matching Lupine collar and harness for his “gotcha” day. Now both he and Quincy have quick release collars with their matching stainless steel collar tags. They both walk on harnesses so I don’t have to worry about the collar breaking and given Kipper’s tendency to lunge at unexpected movement I just feel better knowing his neck and trachea aren’t getting hurt. Now that I have an iphone I may try to post videos in the future.


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